New App launching September!

We are so excited to announce that we will soon be moving to a brand new Customer Management system….and from September you will have access to an app which will give you control over several aspects of your family’s account!

Through the app you will be able to…

  • Notify us of future absences
  • View make up balances and book make up lessons
  • View class schedules and transfer your class
  • View your account balance

The app puts control into your hands. And we really hope it makes it even easier to be a customer of Blue Dolphin Swim Centre!

We will provide more information about the app later this month.

In the meantime, the system switchover will result in some changes to our payment systems. All of our customers should have received an email detailing how these changes will affect their family.

We know that for our 12 week pre-payment customers especially there will be some questions! We have prepared some answers to what we anticipate will be the most Frequently Asked Questions.

We encourage you to look through these and please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions…we look forward to finding answers for them.

Why are you changing the dates I pay my 12 weeks?

Whilst we know that a number of customers like to have the option to pay 12 weeks in advance, we also know that many people struggle to keep track of when their block expires and when payment is due. This can make budgeting difficult for some families. We believe it will be simpler and easier for staff and customers if payments all fall due together, at regular intervals throughout the year.

I have just paid 12 weeks. Will I have to pay again on 1st October even though it’s only been a few weeks?

No, we will be able to apply any advance payment you have made to the new October quarter. When your current block expires, we will calculate how much you owe through to the end of 2020 and will only raise fees for this amount. This will mean that as we enter 2021 you will be on the correct payment cycle.

My payment is coming up, what do I need to pay (now and on 1st October)?

That depends on what works best for you family. We need everyone to be on the same schedule by January 2021, but how we achieve this will depend on you. If your payment is due before 1st October, you can choose to just pay a smaller amount to take you through to 30th September, and we will then raise fees for the full October Quarter. Alternatively if you prefer to pay a full 12 weeks now, we will roll your payment into the October quarter, and you will only have to pay a smaller amount in the October quarter to take you through to the end of the year. When your fees are dues please speak with our Customer Service team and we can agree what works best for you.

How will I pay my fees when your new system is in place?

You will still be able to settle your fees over the phone or at Front Desk as you currently do. In addition, we will be enabling the option for you to make one off payment via the app, or even store a payment card so we can automatically collect quarterly fees when they fall due. More to come on this in the coming weeks!

How can I track when my 12 weeks expires with your new system?

Expiry will be simple. Each Quarterly payment will be individually calculated to take you through to the end of that quarter. Public Holidays and closure dates will already have been deducted from your fee so everyone falls due at the same time (January, April, July and October).

How much will I have to pay in January, April, July and October?

Each Quarterly payment will be individually calculated to take you through to the end of that quarter. Public Holidays and closure dates will be deducted, so your fee will be calculated by multiplying the number of swims you have in the quarter by your class fee. This means that your Quarterly fee may vary based on your actual number of swims.

Now I know when it will be due, can you automatically take payment each quarter if I provide bank/card details?

Yes, our new app will give you the opportunity to add and change a stored payment method, and if you give us permission, we can automatically deduct the Quarterly fee when it’s due. This is not mandatory, but is simply an additional option for families that may appreciate the convenience. More to come on this in the coming weeks!

What other payment options are available to me?

If the revised 12 week plan is no longer suitable for you, we offer a weekly Direct Debit option. Please speak to our Customer Service team for more information on this.

Can I chose to move from Quarterly payment to weekly DD, or vice versa, in the middle of a quarter?

Yes! So long as you maintain a weeks’ payment in advance, you can switch between payment options at any time to suit your family. Please speak to our Customer Service team for more information on this.

Can I join mid quarter or do I have to start in line with the start of each quarter?

You can join anytime! We will simply calculate your first payment to take you up to the end of the current Quarter. From that point you will be in line with the Quarterly payment plan.

How does this new billing cycle affect make-ups? Will I have to take them before the end of the quarter?

No, when we implement our new system all make-ups will be valid for 6 months from the date of absence.

How does this new billing cycle affect me if I want to cancel my booking?

Our cancellation policy remains unchanged. We require 4 weeks’ notice, in writing, to cancel a booking. Please see the Parent Information section on our website for our Policies.

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