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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I sign up for lessons?

    Anytime! Our swim lessons are continuous. We believe that a consistent approach to swimming is important for swim skill development and water safety awareness.

  • Why should my child take swimming lessons year-round?

    We believe that swim lessons should be offered year-round because it helps our students maintain and improve their swimming skills and knowledge of water safety. Our continuous  lessons are also more convenient because they’re provided on a schedule that works with yours. You’ll always have the option to make changes to your lesson times if needed.

  • How do I book into lessons?

    Contact our Customer Service team who will discuss your child’s swimming experience and arrange an assessment. This is a free 10 minute assessment with one of our Senior Teachers to attain what level they will be in. From here our customer service team will be able to find you a day and time that suits. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your child’s first lesson.

  • What if I need to cancel my child’s swimming lessons?

    Simply notify us in writing 4 weeks prior to your last lesson. You can speak with your Shift Supervisor or customer service team who will assist you with this.

  • Do you offer make-ups for absent swim lessons?

    Yes, we allow unlimited make-ups. If you are going to be absent, simply notify us via our mobile app or by calling at least 30 minutes before the start of your lesson to qualify for a make-up token. All make-up tokens are valid for 6 months from the date of absence.

  • How do I pay for lessons?

    We offer a weekly Direct Debit system so there’s no need to worry about having to remember your wallet. However if you opt to pay by Quarterly block prepayment then payment can be made through our mobile app, or by Eftpos payment over the phone or at front desk.

  • Do you offer refunds, credits or transfers?

    We do not offer refunds, credits or transfers, but we can schedule a make-up lesson at a time that’s convenient for you. If you have to take an unforeseen break and have money on your account, you will be able to use this on your return.

  • What happens to my enrolment/payment if the centre is closed?

    Blue Dolphin Swim Centre elects to close for two weeks in July, for Christmas and for Public Holidays. You will not be charged for these scheduled closure days and a make-up lesson is not required.

    Should Blue Dolphin Swim Centre be mandated to close for reasons beyond its control, and that closure is anticipated to last for 7 days or less, your class will be cancelled and a make-up token for your cancelled class will be issued.

    Should any mandated closure last for longer than 7 days, then all enrolments will be suspended until such time Blue Dolphin Swim Centre can re-open and your class is reinstated. You will not be charged for suspended enrolments, and a make-up lesson is not required.

  • When do lessons end?

    Because Blue Dolphin Swim Centre runs continuously your lessons will continue indefinitely until you decide to take a break. We love seeing children graduate through our levels to Sleek Stingray where your child will be able to swim a continuous 1km.

  • If I need to withdraw, will my preferred time, day and teacher be available when I return?

    We cannot guarantee that there will be an available spot at your preferred day and time with your favourite teacher. We’ll do everything we can to work with your schedule and preference to find something suitable. We recommend that you remain enrolled, even if you do miss a few lessons. We offer make-ups for the classes you do miss and your child would benefit from some extra swim lessons rather than none.

  • What happens if my child is less (or more) advanced than the other children in his or her class?

    Don’t worry. Our attentive teachers pick up on skill differences very quickly and are aware of the abilities that your child needs to have in order to maintain placement in his or her level. We understand that everyone learns in their own ways and at their own pace, which is why our teachers observe and adjust teaching methods as needed. We’re constantly evaluating our students and are very flexible when it comes to working with each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • How do I change the date and time of my lessons?

    Our Customer Service team would be happy to adjust your lesson schedule for you. You can also check back with us as often as you’d like to see if more convenient lesson times are available or alternatively go onto a class waitlist and when a position opens we will inform you and see if you wish to transfer.

  • Do I need to change classes when my child changes levels?

    It depends! We will do our best to help you keep your same day and time when your child achieves a level. If we can’t, we will work with you to find a new day and time that fits your schedule.

  • What if my child’s group class only has one or two students?

    While this is not common, we can find an appropriate solution for your child if this does occur. We want to make sure that all of our students have the ability to interact with other swimmers so they can socialize and grow in our safe, stimulating environment. It’s proven that children learn from each other.

  • Can I request my child’s lessons to be taught by his or her favourite teacher?

    While we cannot make any promises, we’ll certainly take your requests into account and try to accommodate your preferences. We understand that different students respond to different teaching styles and we’ll make sure your child has the opportunity to receive the full learning experience.

  • What happens if my favourite teacher is moved to a different lesson time?

    Sometimes our teachers need to change lesson times to accommodate their own life schedules. However, we can assure you that all of our team undergo a thorough hiring process and an extensive training period. You can trust that they’re all fun, patient and more than qualified to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

  • How often should my child attend swimming lessons to get the best progress?

    We recommend most students attend two swimming lessons per week. Skill development requires regular practice and two swimming lessons per week is a good start to get the most out of the program.

  • Will we have the same swimming teacher each week?

    Whilst we do endeavour to maintain the same teacher, the reality is that there are also times when teachers do change.  We work hard to ensure that the delivery of our lessons are consistent so the learning to your child is not compromised in these instances.

  • Do you use floatation devices in your lessons?

    We provide a learning environment without the use of flotation devices to ensure your child understands and respects the water. They will also develop early control, mobility and buoyancy independently.

  • What are Good Reasons for Teaching Babies to Swim?
    • Babies less than a year old accept the water more readily than older children.
    • Fear of water is acquired as children grow older: the longer a child is kept away from water, the more likely the child will develop aqua-phobia.
    • Babies can exercise more muscles in the water, they are less restricted by gravity and their ability to sit or stand. This increased strength often manifests itself in early acquisition of physical skills like walking.
    • Swimming improves babies’ cardiovascular fitness. Although babies are limited in how much they can improve their endurance, swimming does have a beneficial effect.
    • Early mastery of water movements gives children a head start in learning basic swimming skills.
    • Water helps improve co-ordination and balance by allowing babies to move bilaterally to maintain their equilibrium.
    • Warm water combined with gentle exercise relaxes and stimulates babies appetites. They usually eat and sleep better on swimming days.
    • Doctors often recommend swimming as the exercise of choice for asthmatics. For many asthmatics, exercise produces bronchial hyperactivity. Swimming stimulates less wheezing than other forms of exercise, possibly because the warm, moist air around pools is less irritating to the lungs.
    • Babies flourish in the focused attention their parents lavish on them during swimming.
    • As babies learn how to manoeuvre in the water on their own their independence and self-confidence blossom.
    • Swimming provides babies with lots of skin-to-skin contact with their parents that psychologists say may deepen the bond between parent and child.

    Learning to swim is not only fun, healthy activity but a safety measure as well.  (Drowning is the major cause of accidental death in Australia for under 5’s. For each drowning, many more are left with permanent brain damage. Learn to swim … its great!)

  • My child requires one on one tuition. Do you offer this?

    Yes, we offer 30 minute Private lessons with our most experienced and skilled teachers. All children who may need a Private class are first assessed by a Senior Teacher, and we will talk with you to understand your child’s specific needs. We can then agree the best way to progress your child’s aquatic journey with Blue Dolphin Swim Centre.

  • What is the Blue Dolphin Swim Centre Customer Portal?

    The Blue Dolphin Swim Centre Customer Portal provides customers with real time access to their family account. Through the Customer Portal you can…

    • Find and request classes
    • See your available make-up tokens and request make-up classes
    • Request class transfers
    • Notify us of future absences
    • View your child’s evaluations in real time
    • View and pay your account balance
    • Manage your nominated Bank or Credit Card for Direct Debit Payments

    You can access the Customer Portal through your web browser, or by downloading the BDSC mobile app! (see ‘How do I access the Customer Portal’)

  • How do I access the Customer Portal?

    You can access the Customer Portal through your web browser, or by downloading the BDSC mobile app! If you are already a customer of Blue Dolphin Swim Centre the you simply need to set your password the first time you visit.

    To access the portal via the mobile app:

    1. Click on the link below to download the app
    2. Click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link and enter the email address you have registered with us
    3. Check your inbox and follow the prompts in the email to set a password for your account

    Use these details to log in to the app and access all of our online services! Make sure you enable push notifications to receive all of our announcements.


    To access the portal via your browser:

    1. Visit https://app.iclasspro.com/portal/bluedolphinswim
    2. Select ‘Click to begin’
    3. Click ‘Login’, and when asked if you are a current customer select ‘Yes’
    4. Click ‘Forgot Password’ 
    5. Enter the email address you have registered with us, click ‘Submit’ and follow the prompts in the email

    Use the log in details in the portal to access all of your family details!