4 Months – 3 Years

Baby Dolphins is an internationally recognised three tier competency based program that sets the scene for your child to learn basic water safety and swimming skills. Our nurturing environment allows for progression at your child’s own pace within a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Baby Dolphins is also an opportunity for you to spend some quality bonding time with your child in the water as parents are encouraged to participate and join in with their developments, every step of the way.

Merry MerBabes
  • Parents educated on cues, holds and water acclimatisation skills and the importance of consistent swimming
  • Submersion & water safety skills
  • Parent & child develop confidence in an environment of songs, games & play in a slower paced class
Frolicking Fishes
  • 3 second swim is the beginning of the intermediate level
  • Faster paced class extending existing safety skills, back floats, starts and finishes, exits and entries
  • Swimming skills and free swims are developing whilst parent and child gain confidence in a fun environment
Dancing Dolphins
  • Fast moving class as your child is now swimming upwards of 6 seconds
  • With new found freedom your child loves to play in the water and swim further
  • Pop up or roll over breathing are now attempted
  • Floating, treading water, standing entries, turn around and swim back are developing through lots of fun