Learn To Swim

3 Years – 16 Years

Combining a range of swimming techniques, strokes, water confidence and personal safety, our learn to swim program consists of seven competency based levels which your child is able to progress to and accomplish at their own pace. 

With consistent weekly lessons and learning to swim all year round your child will develop efficient water skills that will set them up for life.

  • Learn water safety & survival skills.
  • Build confidence in the water.
  • Have fun while learning in a friendly & safety rich environment.
  • Develop efficient water skills that will set your child up for life.
  • Develop co-ordination, strength & stamina.
  • Learn to swim in small classes.
  • Improve social skills and confidence.
Jolly Jellyfish
  • Confident to go under the water and exhale
  • Learning to balance on front and back
  • Develop independence from teacher through fun activities
  • Safe entries and exits from the pool with assistance
Clapping Catfish
  • Learning the coordination for a recovery breath with a propulsive kick over 4m
  • Understanding of the balance to front and back kick
  • Able to take instructions from the teacher
  • Can jump into the water, turn around to the wall and climb out
Terrific Turtle
  • Develop a balanced body position both front and back
  • Torpedo with a recovery breath
  • Able to propel through the water using arms and legs
  • Foundation skills achieved to commence side breathing
  • Introduction to kneeling dive and tread water unaided
Cool Clownfish
  • Developing free style and coordination over 9 metres
  • Able to balance and side breathe efficiently
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Treading water unaided with float and rest
  • Kneeling dive with kick out to teacher
Super Swordfish
  • Stamina building swims in preparation for Golden Goggles
  • Effortless freestyle and backstroke
  • Introduction to sculling with tread water
  • Deep water exploration
Golden Goggles
  • Refining freestyle and backstroke
  • Introduction to breaststroke kick
  • Stamina building swims over 500m in preparation for Terrific Torpedo
  • Accountability for their own learning
Terrific Torpedo
  • Breaststroke is achieved and butterfly kick is introduced with flippers
  • Further freestyle and backstroke development with turns and dives
  • Swimming over 700m within a 45 minute class
Sleek Stingray
  • Focus on developing butterfly
  • Refinement of competitive strokes and turns
  • Further advanced survival skills
  • Able to swim 1km
  • Admission into our Squad program