3-5 Year Olds

Within a small class size environment along with our highly experienced teachers, our nurturing Kinder Dolphins program is where children between the age of 3-5 will begin to further develop their swimming skills.

In alignment with the Early Years Framework, shared play along with a balanced mix of fun and educational themes will stimulate your child which has been scientifically proven to further assist with early childhood development.  Not only does this mean we are able to teach your child to swim but to encourage them to develop warm, trusting relationships with their teachers and peers.

Tricky Tadpole
  • Confident to submerge & exhale independently
  • Comfortable control of body position
  • Developing safety skills including front & back floats
  • Able to enter and exit the water
  • Learning how to work within a class structure
Giggling Goldfish
  • Develop independent 4 metre swim with recovery breath
  • Making connections between mind and body with controlled movements
  • Further developing safety and balance skills
  • Independent entry, return to wall and climb out
  • Building resilience and adapting to change
Stunning Starfish
  • Introduction to freestyle 6 metre swim
  • Balanced backstroke kicking
  • Safety & balance skills—front & back glides, treading water unaided, exits & entries
  • Demonstrate kneeling dives— swim then recovery to wall
  • Correct kicking & body position
Laughing Lobster
  • Developing free style, 5 bilateral breaths & strokes to 9 metres
  • An understanding of backstroke
  • Safety & balance skills including torpedos, treading water unaided with float & rest.
  • Developing a strong propulsive kick
  • Controlled kneeling dives
  • Practice and develop coordination and balance
Sensational Seahorse
  • Bilateral breathing freestyle 100m
  • Backstroke 100m
  • Safety skills including treading water and sculling hands
  • Streamlined kneeling dives— recover & climb out unaided
  • Building stamina preparing for learn to swim