Begin your career in aquatic education…..and start making a difference to people’s lives, by teaching children to become confident life-long swimmers.

We look for motivated and talented team players, and provide the knowledge and skills to deliver excellence in your role.

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By pressing the submit button you agree to Blue Dolphin Swim Centre using your details for the purpose of assessing your application. You further agree that if a suitable role is not available at the time of application, Blue Dolphin Swim Centre will automatically keep your details on file for a period of six months. During the time, we may be in contact with you should a role matching your skills and qualifications become available.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recruitment process?

    We have a simple process that occurs when you apply for a position with us:

    Apply for a job – Personally hand in your resume or send it to us online

    If there is a position vacant, the HR officer may get in contact with you via your elected contact number– this enables us to get to know you better.

    After a phone conversation you may be asked to come in for a face to face interview with HR at a time which suits you.

    Reference checks – The HR Officer will contact your references

    You may or may not be offered a second interview.

    If unsuccessful you will be informed via email.

    If successful you will be offered an opportunity to train in the selected job role.

    Once training is completed and the Blue Dolphin standards are met you will be offered employment (subject to availability)

    You got the job! An employment meeting will be organised


  • What does Blue Dolphin Swim Centre look for?

    We are looking for fun, passionate, confident people who love working with children and giving the customer the best possible experience and service.

    For the Swim Teacher position no previous experience is necessary, as we will teach you how to become an extraordinary teacher.

    For our Customer Service positions we do however require previous experience in a similar role.

  • What do we do with your information we collect?

    All information that is collected during the recruitment process will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any organisation during the recruitment process, unless required by or authorised by law. Your resume will be kept on file for 3 months after which time it will be disposed of and you will need to reapply for any future jobs.

  • I have been invited to an interview – what should I expect?

    The interview process is conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This is a chance for us to get to know and learn more about you. This is also a time for you to get to know us and learn about the industry. You will be asked a variety of different questions including your responses to a range of hypothetical scenarios.

  • Minimum age requirements

    The minimum age of employment differs across Australia, because each State/Territory has its own legislative rules. Click here to find out more information.

  • Is there career progression available?

    Many of our team initially join us with the view that this is “just a job until I get a real job once my Uni degree is completed”. However, after working in the industry they realise there are some great career opportunities on offer. At Blue Dolphin if you show the initiative you have the opportunity to train in other areas to continually learn new skills. These skills will not only benefit you at work, but will also give you skills for life.

    From here, the prospects are endless. A number of our Swim teachers have elected to stay at Blue Dolphin long after their university degree has been completed. Consequently, they have turned their ‘job’ into a fulfilling career.

  • What hours would I have to work?

    We are open 7 days a week with 4 weeks closure per calendar year (as well as public holidays). Preferably, we would like you to work a minimum of 3 shifts a week as we believe this amount of teaching exposure has proven it’ll make you to be the best teacher you can be. We will communicate with you in relation to your roster. We recognize the importance of work, life, balance.


  • If I am successful what are the training requirements?

    We want our Swim teachers to be the best in the business. We require a minimum of 30 hours in water training, working with a variety of mentor teachers. An additional 10 hours of theory training is done out of the water. This is when we spend one on one time with you, encouraging the opportunity for questions and to cement the knowledge you are gaining in the water.

    You are also required to obtain a DCSI Screening, along with a current CPR (the Customer Service position requires Provide First Aid) and a Government recognised swimming qualification (AUSTSWIM, Active Training, SAT)

  • What is involved in each position?

    We have a number of different positions, please see below a brief overview of these:

    Swim Teacher – Teaching children how to be safer in and around the water. An extraordinary teacher will present the education in a fun and colourful way that will engage the child so they never want to miss a class with you.

    Customer Service Officer – To deliver an amazing and memorable experience to our customers. Creating an energetic, approachable and feel good environment for everyone.

    Aquafit Instructor – Our Aquafit Team lead energising, fun, safe, and educational group classes in a safe, enjoyable and positive environment that promotes member wellness and engagement.