why do we use fins

Fins are required equipment for all our Level5 Terrific Torpedo and Level6 Sleek Stingray swimmers, but have you ever wondered why they are so important to our Learn to Swim program?

The benefits of fins

They assist with building a child’s stamina by allowing them to complete the required laps whilst still maintaining technique.  It is personally rewarding for children to be able swim a certain distance and kick for longer periods of time.

Fins are used as a teaching aid for skill development as they allow a child to isolate an aspect of their stroke whilst still maintaining propulsion and technique. They prevent over use of muscles (injury) by distributing the workload more evenly, particularly when learning a new skill / stroke. For example, they will reduce stress on the upper body when learning butterfly.

Fins will assist in improving ankle flexibility which in turn creates greater propulsion. This will also improve body position as the extra propulsion will help children maintain a higher body position in the water, leading to a more efficient stroke.

Fins improve kick technique by promoting the “up kick” which uses hamstring, glutes and lower back muscles. They add resistance to the range of motion, therefore building strength and power as the muscles are working harder.

They can be used when swimming freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. This allows teachers to get the most out of the swim time as more work can be completed in less time. Fins are great for fitness as they elevate the heart rate faster.

It is fun for the children to swim fast!

Whether it be on top of the water or under, butterfly kick or flutter kick, they love it!

Here at Blue Dolphin we stock “DMC training fins” and you will notice they are a short fin. We use and recommend these because a shorter fin gives a more realistic feeling of the speed of kick required for swimming. Longer fins will widen the kick and reduce the kick rate.
Please see reception if you are needing to purchase a pair.

Read more about our Fins of choice;


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