Welcome to our new website!

After months of work in the background , we’re so excited to present to you our brand new website which we hope you’ll agree not only showcases a whole new look for us, but is full of useful information.

It also includes this new blog which is where we will be continually updating you with important news and exciting events happening here at Blue Dolphin Swim Centre.

One of the most exciting features about our new website is the videos we’ve created. These are designed to give you a quick snapshot about each swimming program and level so you have a deeper understanding of the milestones and achievements your child will be making. Thank you to Harry Vick Videographer for creating these videos with us. We really did had a great time making them and they’re the perfect example of how much fun learning to swim is!

Our new website also represents our commitment to continual improvement here at Blue Dolphin Centre. An important part of our core values is growth which encompasses education, value, action and leadership. We really hope that this new website illustrates this important value to you and our dedication to growth.

We’d love to hear your feedback about our new website so make sure you take a tour, bookmark this page and let us know what you think!

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