Answers to our frequently asked questions

Included here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions during our re-opening

Now that change rooms are open are all restrictions lifted?

No, this doesn’t mean all restrictions are lifted. We must still maintain social distance and 1 caregiver per child is still in place within the centre to allow us to ensure the total number within the centre doesn’t reach capacity.

Can a grandparent, family friends come and watch now?

We are afraid not. We require that 1 caregiver per child is still in place to ensure we do not exceed the total capacity.

Are showers available now? 

YES! as of Monday 29th of June, shower and change rooms are available where necessary. We ask everyone to be as mindful as possible when using these facilities as these create bottle-neck situations that make it harder to maintain social distance, so please use these facilities if you need to but in a timely and sharing manner.

Are change rooms available? 

Yes, change rooms are available as of Monday 29th June. We ask that all customers use these only where necessary and in a timely manner, being considerate of social distances with other swimmers.

Is Little Ones back on yet? 

Not yet. We are really trying hard to ensure that we get the business back to it best operation before reintroducing the free Little Ones classes. The value these classes have on little ones aquatic journey is immeasurable and no-one more than our team here at the Blue Dolphin Swim Centre would like to see them start up as soon as possible. We encourage everyone to follow us on socials to ensure you are kept up to date when they are back on?

Can I have other free classes if my baby missed out on the Little Ones program due to Covid-19?  

No. Due to the unimaginable toll Covid-19 has taken on all businesses we are unable to extend free session for babies who have aged out of the Little Ones programs. It is horribly unfortunate that we have to say no and it truly is difficult for us to have these little ones miss out.

When is Sensory going to be back on?  

At present we are unable to reintroduce Sensory Splash due to the sharing of equipment. Keep and eye on our social for further updates.

Are babies and/or siblings able to accompany us to the centre, or are they included in the numbers?

Yes they can. Following the announcement that Phase 2 restrictions will be eased from 19th June, we are delighted to be able to confirm that an additional sibling is permitted to attend with a swimmer. Please note, we can still only permit one adult per swimmer.

Are change mats available?

Yes, we will have change mats available, spaced apart at 1.5m. We ask that you pop your towel down under your baby. These mats will be wiped down frequently.

What will happen with our makeups? Will we lose them if we don’t re-book immediately?

No, choosing not to return to swimming during this phase will not affect your makeup entitlement.

However, we do recognise that when we re-open it may be more difficult to find makeup spots within the tight numbers restrictions. We have therefore made a temporary change to our makeup policy, allowing you to use your make-ups until the end of this year. It will still be necessary for customers to hold an active booking to be able to claim a makeup lesson.

What will happen with my payments?

All balances from March 2020 have been carried forward. Any customers who have a credit balance on their account will have this used prior to new charges being applied.

Swim fees continue to be due a week in advance, so for our Direct Debit customers please be advised that our first Direct Debit will be processed on Thursday June 18th (for re-booked customers with a balance due in week one).

Do I need to call to book my AquaFit class?

No, we will publish our AquaFit schedule on our MindBody App on Friday 12th June, and active members will be able to book classes via the app from this date.



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