Adult Learn to Swim

It’s never too late to Learn to Swim

We look forward to helping everyone enjoy the social and health benefits that swimming provides. Our swimming classes for adults are designed for over 18’s only and provide a no pressure environment where swimmers can learn at their own pace.

Our adult learn to swim program focuses on teaching you the fundamental first step of learning to swim; being in complete control and comfortable in the water. Our program has a unique approach to learning to swim by teaching our students to overcome their inbuilt instinct, which creates the feeling of discomfort and fear in water. By first conquering these confining feelings of panic and fear, and turning them into comfort and control, you are then truly free to learn.

You will be assessed on your abilities and goals and our supportive teachers will work with you to achieve them.

Classes are held at various times throughout the week so speak with our Customer Service team to book you into a suitable time.

Whatever your prior experience is, it’s never too late to learn to swim. From our experience, motivation to learn to swim as an adult centres around gaining confidence in the water, overcoming fear and developing the freedom to enjoy water based activities.

Our adult learn to swim program caters for people of all abilities and our 45 minute sessions are tailored to each adult’s assessed abilities.