Evidence shows … better focus and longer attention spans!

“Children who swim become more intelligent, socially active,

have better self-understanding and are more self – sufficient”.

– Baby swimming and early childhood development, Liselotte Diem, Cologne.


In addition to their water skills, evidence shows that children who attend weekly lessons are better able to focus and are more attentive. Regular swimming also helps to support their vestibular development. This development is crucial in that it provides information about where the body is in relation to their surroundings.

Swimming is a life skill, whether it be recreational swimming or ultimately for competition. Being able to swim allows your child to broaden their aquatic exposure as well as giving you as a parent a little peace of mind while they are out enjoying diving, boating, trips to the river, swim carnivals, pool parties or surfing and snorkelling. With research also saying that “Children who swim during their early years reach milestones much earlier than their peers”, Australian study, swimming in the early years, Prof. Robyn Jorgensen, weekly swimming gives your child a big head start!


“Parental engagement makes children feel secure and is an important contributor to social – emotional competence and school readiness.” Denham, Renwich and Holt, 1991.



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