Covid-19 Update to Customers

Update as at 16/3/20

In these unprecedented times we would like to assure you that Blue Dolphin Swim Centre is following advice from the Australian Government, Department of Health and World Health Organisation (WHO). Our response to Covid-19 is our highest priority and our decision making is based on fact from the authorities. As always, we are committed to the continued health and well being of our students along with their families and our staff.

What we are doing…

In addition to our regular and thorough twice daily cleaning of the Swim Centre, we are wiping down and sanitizing service areas more commonly throughout the day. Our staff have been briefed on safer, rigorous cleaning practices and personal hygiene for better cross infection control.

What we Know…

Numerous leading health authorities from around the world are stating that there is no evidence that Covid-19 can spread to humans in chlorinated pools.

What extra we do to provide safe pool water…

Our UV Sanitation System kills germs on the spot. Did you know that our swimmers are in healthy water? In addition to treating our pools with chlorine, our pools have an Ultra-violet (UV) sanitation treatment system to provide 100% protection against the spread of water-borne diseases. These UV systems are not required by the Health Department, they are the superior system that we choose to use. They are an effective way to remove anything in the water that might have passed through the filters and not been oxidized by chlorine before it returns to the pool. And our Chlorine levels are continuously monitored.

What we ask you to do…

  • Teach and remind your children about safe hygiene practice, washing hands with soap and water often, not touching their faces and coughing into their elbow.
  • If you have travelled overseas in the past 14 days we ask you to not send your children to the Swim School until you have a medical certificate from your GP or they have been back in Australia for at least 14 days with no symptoms of the virus, in accordance with the government recommendations.
  • If you have had contact within the last 14 days with someone who has travelled overseas or someone who exhibits symptoms of the virus, we also ask that you do not send your children to the Swim School until you have a medical clearance certificate from your GP or 14 days have elapsed, in accordance with the government recommendations.
  • If you are wishing to be marked in as absent, please follow our usual protocol of calling 8322 6566 or email us:
  • If you and your family are otherwise well, then please continue to attend as normal.

The Silver Lining…

In any crisis our children will be looking to us for our response and they will learn by what we do. This is an opportunity to teach our children to respond in a reasonable and measured way. If we can demonstrate calm, looking to respond to facts, being kind to each other and our community then our children will start to be prepared should they ever be confronted with a crisis. It is also important to be mitigating the stress that our children will be experiencing by the contiguous media coverage.

Blue Dolphin Swim Centre is committed to the welfare of all our families and staff and we will continue to respond in the most appropriate way. In the meantime we want to go about our lives as normal and continue your child’s aquatic education.

For factual information you can keep updated with the links below. We will continue to update our customers via our website




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