Our Environment


At Blue Dolphin Swim Centre we pride ourselves on excellence in all facets of our service. Since August 2013 Blue Dolphin Swim Centre has been an accredited swim school with Swim Australia.

“In becoming a Swim Australia ACCREDITED Swim School, Blue Dolphin Swim Centre have significantly ‘raised the bar’ from the common Registered Swim School status.  Accredited Swim Schools meet a much higher standard around programs, practices and facilities – which are authenticated by an independent, external assessor.  This should be a major credibility factor for customers.”

Ross Gage

Swim Australia CEO


Healthy Pool, Healthy Children

Blue Dolphin Swim Centre was presented with one of Swim Australia’s most sought after awards at the 2008 “Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association Conference” – the “Most Environmentally Friendly Swim School”.

One of the centres focuses from the beginning has been towards conservation of energy and resources.

The purpose built centre was designed to include:

  • Solar heating to provide 50% natural heating.
  • Insulation and pool blankets to conserve heat loss natural lighting to enable minimal use of power
  • Non-mechanical air handling systems greatly enhances the effectiveness of mechanical ventilation

Along with this there is an ongoing focus on conservation of resources and energy, which is an integral part of training and education of all staff.

Ultra Violet Filtration

The installation of UV Light Filtration represents a large investment by Blue Dolphin Swim Centre ensuring that we continue to provide the very best in all aspects of our facility to complement our education program.

 The result is a sparkling clean pool that does not have the undesirable traits of a chlorine only pool, such as sore eyes, smell in the air and on the skin caused by chloramines.

 Blue Dolphin is committed to maintaining clean and healthy pools by hourly checking of chemical levels, hand testing and off site testing to ensure the quality control of the water.



How it works

As our water circulates through our sanitisation plant, it passes under the UV Lights.

At this point all bacteria is killed by the UV rays and then a small quantity of chlorine (Health Regulations requirement) is automatically added to the water to combat any pollutants entering the water from the plant room back to the filters.

Ultra Violet light is similar to using the rays of the sun for water purification and presents no danger to users.

 Our Swim School is now equipped with the most modern UV Treatment System available, ensuring the best quality environment for your child to swim in.