About Us

Blue Dolphin Swim Centre Ethos

Our mission is to develop happy, healthy and confident children. We do this by;

  • Helping children to appreciate their inner worth
  • Helping children to remain safe from harm
  • Helping children to “love to learn” by providing a fun environment in which to learn
  • Helping children to care and help others
Blue Dolphin

The Staff


When you walk into Blue Dolphin Swim Centre, you will be greeted by the happy and helpful staff at the front counter. If the reception area is not busy, please take a moment to “Check-In” your child for attendance purposes. On Saturday’s, or if the reception area is busy, please walk straight through and the staff will check your child’s attendance for you.

Our reception staff are here to assist you with all your enquiries, payment of fees and counter purchases. Should the reception staff be unable to answer your query, they will refer you to an appropriate staff member.

Deck Supervisors

The Deck Supervisors (DS) are responsible for the safe and efficient running of the Blue Dolphin Swim Centre classes. They are your main point of contact in regards to any enquiries or issues relating to your child’s class and progress. You will find the Deck Supervisors in the swimming areas or in the office with the reception staff. Please feel free to speak directly to the Deck Supervisor at any time; they love to chat and are passionate about you and your child’s needs and progression.

Senior Teachers

You will often notice an extra instructor in your child’s lesson. This may be the Senior Teacher. During most swimming classes, a Senior Teacher will be present in the water, assisting the instructors and helping to maintain the quality of your child’s lesson. Senior Teachers work closely with the Deck Supervisors and Instructors to ensure the smooth running of classes. They may assist the instructor to boost your child’s skills, help with grading and in general, provide an extra pair of hands and eyes in the pool. They are a very important part of maintaining quality control of our programs and add another unique layer to the Blue Dolphin Swim Centre experience.

Blue Dolphin


Our professionally qualified instructors are dedicated in teaching your child efficient swimming skills and water safety in a fun and happy environment. You will find the instructors to be passionate and enthusiastic about your child’s happiness, welfare and progression. All instructors are fully qualified and undergo an intensive, ongoing training program. From time to time, you may notice an extra instructor in your child’s class wearing a white hat. These staff are training and Blue Dolphin is proud to be a teaching school.