12 years through to Seniors

Class Length - 45 mins

We provide aquatic fitness activities through our popular Aquafit classes. Run in the early mornings and evenings, there are classes to suit all levels of fitness including high cardio to lower intensity and muscle strength.

Due to the buoyancy of water, our Aquafit classes give you the benefits of land exercise without the impact, so there is no shock to your muscles and joints. At the same time as experiencing 12 times more resistance than land based exercises, you will be increasing your fitness, body tone and endurance.

Our classes are catered for ages 12 years right through to the senior age group and can be beneficial for some medical conditions. If you are pregnant or injured, you should consult your doctor before commencing any exercise.

Class  Description of Class

Aqua Fit

Mon, Wed, Thurs PM

  • Fat Burning
  • High Energy Cardio Class
  • Working on Core Strength
  • All Over Body Workout

Aqua Combo

Tues, Wed, Fri AM
  • Low impact
  • Safe, Effective, Light Cardio
  • Working on Core Strength, Stretching & Flexibility
  • Good for Rehabilitation

Aqua Balance

Wed PM
Thurs AM
  • A low intensity work out
  • It improves joint flexibility and range of motion, tones and shapes whilst combing theories and philosophies of yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates
  • Helps to enhance mental well-being with Soulful, calming and inspiring tunes

Aqua Strong / Bootcamp

Mon AM
Thurs PM
  • A mixture of low impact and high impact, an all over body workout including strength, toning, and cardio

Aqua Step

Sun AM
Tues PM
  • Aqua Steps add dynamic, balance and challenge to every movement.  Challenge your cardio endurance levels with emphasis on muscular conditioning.

For more information on our Aquafit classes, please Contact us to request a brochure or pop in and ask one of our friendly staff.